How to save on broadcasting?

How to save on broadcasting?

It is not a secret anymore, that faster websites result in better user experience, better search engine rankings and more conversions. And that providers of content – whatever it will be static, dynamic, video – can’t afford a slow sites.

We will review some of examples from different industries to show how CDN helps to solve concrete industry-dedicated tasks


Let’s see one example how CDN helps with solving concrete digital issues with internet performance.

One of our clients, a big TV channel, who wanted to stream their broadcast to 15 countries on 5 continents contacted us to make a broadcast on the TV channel’s website. The task was to organize the online broadcast so that the viewers could watch both on PC and on mobile platforms.

On top of that the client planned to create a Smart TV application for Samsung and LG. The initial requirements included the following aspects: to broadcast as HD 720P with a bitrate of 2Mbit /sec, to a large audience, which at the peak earned 10,000 simultaneous views. The average load of 1000 simultaneous views. Also, the client had a restriction on access to broadcasting on the Internet – only the US and Europe – you needed to limit viewing by geography.


What TV channel had:

-TV channel with its studio

– Video stream from the studio via the SDI interface

– Computer and video capture card HD / SDI BlackMagic DeckLink

– Adobe FMLE or Wirecast


What were the missing items:

To start the broadcast it is necessary to have HTML5 video player + backup server with Media Server software, such as Wowza or Adobe FMS, powerful enough to handle 10,000 simultaneous connections, dedicated Internet channel at least 20 Gigabit /sec, with the ability to automatically scale (no ceiling ).


The next steps without CDN would be to:

– Buy an Internet channel on the day of the center = 20 x $500 = $10.000 a month.

– Rent of 2 powerful servers, capable of processing the claimed load = $500 a month

– Purchase HTML5 video player = $50 a month.

– Salary to the engineer and the duty administrator = around $800 a month.

– It is necessary to search for a developer who can complete the task, it can approximately take several weeks and will cost from $800 to $3500. (Depends on the company that will develop)

The development of this system can take from a week to several months and may require adjustment, which is accompanied by risks of a downfall of the live broadcast.


Would is the better solution:

CDNvideo does not limit its users on the bandwidth and provides the service at any peak load.

The average daily load of 1,000 simultaneous views at a bitrate of 2 megabits per second will generate 200,000 TB of traffic per month. The good thing is that HTML5 player we provide for free. And geolimitation or geoblocking costs only 50$ a month.


CDNvideo enables you to significantly save and get a quality and reliable service for video broadcasts on a turnkey basis right now!

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