How to set up online broadcast on a mobile device or tablet using CDNvideo

How to set up online broadcast on a mobile device or tablet using CDNvideo

Due to popularity of various mobile applications for online broadcasts, we are are getting tons of questions about setting up broadcasts from mobile devices to the site. With the free Wowza GoCoder mobile software and CDNvideo services, you will be able to make a live broadcast in HD quality and on any device, wherever you are.

This is how to set up an online broadcast using CDNvideo using a mobile device 

1) Register on this website and apply the RTMP-publish service (in our example we started the service under the login mycdn123, you will need to replace mycdn123 with your login)

2) In the section “Manage services” – “Player code and encoder configuration” you will have to copy the player code and paste it on your site

3) Download the free application Wowza GoCoder for your mobile device (iOS, Android) (you can download it on AppStore or Google Play

4) Make sure that the mobile device is connected to the Internet, and then run the Wowza GoCoder

5) In the upper right corner, click on the “W” logo


6) Go to “Wowza Streaming Engine”


7) In the “Host” section, specify your link to the server, in our example: (the link is specified without rtmp: // at the beginning and without / mycdn123 at the end). You can copy the server address in your personal account in the section “Service Management” – “Player code and encoder configuration”. Leave Port 1935 unchanged.


4 -correct.png

8) Return to the “Wowza Streaming Engine” page and specify your login in the “Application” section.
In the “Stream name” section, you will need to specify the link that you can copy in your personal account in “Managing Services” – “Player Code and Encoder Configuration”).


9) Return to the main screen and press the red button to start online broadcast.


Your mobile device is ready for the online broadcast!
You don’t always have a laptop or camera for organizing an online broadcast, in this case, a mobile device or tablet can be plain and convenient way for internet broadcasting.

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