How to setup Wirecast for online broadcasts

How to setup Wirecast for online broadcasts

Last time we were telling you how to set up the FMLE encoder for online broadcasts, and today we’ll take a look at Wirecast.

The encoder plays a significant role in the organization of online broadcasts, but its setup may seem to be difficult, so today we will set up Wirecast together, describing each step in detail.

What is Wirecast

Wirecast is a software that allows you to create online broadcasts. The program has several key features: ability to use the logo or various filters for broadcast, ability to add titles, the ability to broadcast from several sources. It should be noted that the program is paid, but provides a free demo version.

Organizing online broadcast with Wirecast

Step 1. Installation of the encoder

Download and install Wirecast from this link:

Step 2: Add sources

After starting the program, add cameras from which you’ll be broadcasting (you can add several cameras, including the desktop camera).

1 wirecast.jpg

Step 3. Encoder setup

Go to the broadcast settings section, as shown in the screenshot.

2 wirecast.jpg

Step 4.

1. Add the RTMP Server
·         If you work with CDNvideo, then you can find the address of the server in “Service Management” – “Player code and encoder configuration”.
·         If you do not work with us, then provide a link to your server.
2. We recommend the following flow characteristics:
·         H.264 video codec
·         700kbps
·         640×480
·         30 fps
·         64k AAC mono audio, 44100 Hz
3. Save the changes.
4. If you want to publish several stream qualities, add and setup the required number of RTMP servers (steps 1 through 3).

3 wirecast.jpg

Step 5: Publish the broadcast

1. Click “Stream”;
2. Add your stream to the main (right) broadcast window by clicking on the “right” arrow.

4 wirecast.jpg

Step 6. Check the stream and add player to the site 

1) If you do not work with CDNvideo, then to publish the stream, you first need to purchase the player, place it on your server, then add the player’s html code to the page code on your site.

2) If you use CDNvideo, go to “Player code and encoder configuration” in your personal account. Here you can watch your broadcast and copy the player’s code for insertion on the site.

5 wirecast.jpg


Wirecast is one of the best encoders for the professional organization of online broadcasts. The program provides opportunities for overlays of titles, filters, logo, broadcast from several sources, and asks for this quite fair price. If you want to organize an online broadcast on a professional level, take a closer look at Wirecast.

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