How we help our clients from Gaming industry

How we help our clients from Gaming industry

This case study for Gaming industry will show you how CDNvideo solutions can simplify the video workflow and expand your gamers’ audience.

One of the leading Mobile Game developers who owns mobile application with 2 mln of active users daily faced the problem of slow downloading their app. The company produces games that can be played everywhere in the world and from any device with multiplatform feel and usability. Its critical for such company to deliver consistent experience regardless of the access network and device platform – fast without lags and slow downs. On top of that the key to success was to grow the end users base with increasing conversion of the game.

The initial info:

  • Mobile game with 450Mb initial install
  • Android and iOS apps
  • The active audience is geographically distributed among Russia and CIS, Europe and USA
  • 2 mln daily active players
  • More than 30 mln installations, 1 mln new installations per month as average
  • Average daily load is 25Gbit/sec

How did CDNvideo help our client? We realized that the main issue was the weight.

– A game with 450 MB may be too big to download for some users. Most of users prefer to download a game with 50 MB, rather than with 450 MB.

– The Internet channels of AppStore and Google Market servers for downloading of apps are limited by bandwidth and games are often downloaded for a long time.

What was the optimal decision. CDNvideo proposed to divide/separate the heavy static game files in order to create an easy/light game install for apps. It means that the users while downloading the app from AppStore and Google Market, could download only the easy game install (in our case it was 10 MB), and took all the heavy statics (photo, video, flash, etc.) from our CDN. The users could install the app very quickly and not be afraid to have not enough space on their device. The statics of the game (photo, video) were taken while playing the game from the geographically distributed servers of CDNvideo.

Thus, we solve at once two problems – we involved the user to download the game and install it ourselves and solve the problem of a long download. The user gets the game quickly and during the game, the game works smartly and does not slow down, which leads to the desired conversion.

CDNvideo gives you the opportunity to save and get the desired conversion of your online games right now.

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