CDN for Media and entertainment

Accelerate the delivery speed of your media content! Our services are designed for media portals, media hosting and bloggers.

Your viewers expect to load their content at the fastest speed possible within just seconds. Media companies face the challenge of maintaining both maximum video streaming and download speeds for a wide range of dynamic and static content and applications.

CDNvideo provides you with a full package of solutions for all your media and entertainment needs. The increased website speeds and video and audio streaming optimizations our solutions employ allow your viewers to load buffer-free videos instantaneously and download your content rapidly.


Live streaming (RTMP, HLS, RTSP, Mpeg-DASH, HDS etc.)
Live stream recording
treaming on mobile devices
Streaming from IP camera
Transcoding to multiple bitrates
App developing for mobile devices and Smart TV
Geo-targeting (blocking)
nDVR: record and rewind
Adaptive Live Streaming
Screenshot generation
Cloud CDN storage
HTML5 player + branding
Website loading acceleration
SLA 99.99
Playlists (pseudo TV organizing)