CDN for Online TV and radio

For live and On Demand broadcasters

Our services cover the full range of solutions for Live and On-Demand video and audio. It allows you to organize a live online video or radio broadcast or to stream your video in “Video on demand” mode to an unlimited internet audience.

You won’t need to invest in additional IT infrastructure such as streaming servers and worry about installing and maintaining them. We do the streaming for you using our broad CDN world-wide network of servers, distributing the content from the nearest node to your users, thereby significantly improving the quality of the video. And your viewers can simply watch your broadcast from any device type.

Mobile and web performance directly correlate with conversion rates, and depending on your business focus, may affect your bottom line.

For VOD (video on demand): VOD - High-quality playback of video content around the world on all devices at affordable prices, along with optional choices for hosting and video conversion. This service is designed for efficient and reliable distribution of video streaming. Allow your viewers to enjoy high the primary server communication channels Sustainable resource for attendance spikes quality video content from any device. Using this service increases the download speed without buffering, reducing your viewers’ wait times. Your viewers enjoy the video in the highest quality available with reliable access to the content. This enhanced user experience results in increased viewership and viewer loyalty.


Live streaming (RTMP, HLS, RTSP, Mpeg-DASH, HDS etc.)
Live stream recording
Streaming on mobile devices
Streaming from IP camera
Transcoding to multiple bitrates
Receive and encode streams from a satellite
App developing for mobile devices and Smart TV
Geo-targeting (blocking)