CDN for Soft developers

Get the fastest response times and most productivity possible to ensure your software is delivered fast. Software companies face a challenge developing, updating, adding new features and fixing the bugs in their web applications.

It is well-known fact that response time and content download speed have a significant impact on the number of views, and therefore, the amount of profit. A suboptimal site can lead to a loss of up to 15% of visitors and negatively impact a company’s reputation.

Using CDNvideo service eliminates these disadvantages and substantially increases the conversion rate of your site. Enabling the CDNvideo on a PHP-based website is as easy as changing the site setting to light proxy. This buffers the outgoing data stream (also available with the API content management system), applies the optimization procedures and provides accelerated HTML-code to end users. The server load is not increased. Content is cached on CDNvideo load-balanced servers and the objects are used for subsequent user service requests leading to an even greater performance increase. Innovative software companies focus on developing web applications, adding features and


Free SSL-certificate
Cloud storage for static content integrated with CDN
HTTP-caching (game loading acceleration)
Free HTTPS (no additional payment for HTTPS traffic)
SLA 99.99
Technical support 24/7
Powerful live statistics