Online broadcasts: what do I need to start, why CDN, how to set up FMLE

Online broadcasts: what do I need to start, why CDN, how to set up FMLE

We decided to make a few articles about online broadcasts to show our audience that organizing a broadcast on the Internet is really easy and simple.  Today we will tell you what you need to have in order to start Internet broadcasting, why do you need a CDNfor this, how to set up an FMLE encoder (in the next articles we’ll be talking about Wirecast and XSplit). 

What do you need to have to organize the broadcast?

1)    Hands. As our product engineer Sergey Zubov once said: “If you can’t work with you hands, the broadcast is doomed to success.” That’s just a joke, but seriously, the success of the whole event depends on the work of the operator or the director of the broadcast.
2)   Shooting equipment. The choice of camera depends on the purpose and budget. The webcam is the most affordable camera for broadcasting, if only because it is installed on any laptop. HDMI and SDI cameras are the most serious choice. They are expensive, but they give excellent quality. If necessary, you can purchase a microphone and a director’s panel to connect several cameras and manage the displayed picture. 
3)   Encoder. They are two types of them: software and hardware ones. Software encoder is a kind of software that is installed on any computer with Windows or MacOS. Hardware encoders are iron servers, on which any OS and encoding software can be installed. But, as they say, the choice of a hardware encoder is an intimate and personal thing, therefore in our article we will only consider software encoders. The most popular are FMLE, Wirecast and XSplit. We will be talking first about the FMLE encoder.

Why do I need aCDN for organizing an online broadcast?

CDN allows you to significantly simplify the process of organizing an online broadcast and gives the opportunity to broadcast in high quality without buffering and delays. Thanks to a distributed network of nodes around the world, the stream of online broadcasting is distributed to servers and delivered to users from the nearest CDN node, which significantly speeds up the delivery of content (see the diagram below).

How to set up FMLE for online broadcasting with CDNvideo?

Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder is a free encoder, easy to set up and it doesn’t require high hardware performance.

To setup the FMLE encoder, you need to follow 4 simple steps.

Step 1. Connect the camera to your computer

Step 2. Install the encoder

Download and install the encoder from the link:

Step 3. Setup the encoder

Select the audio and video stream sources and setup the stream parameters.
We recommend the following characteristis:

·       H.264 video codec
·       700kbps
·       640×480
·       30 fps
·       64k AAC mono audio, 44100 Hz
Fill in the FMS URL and Backup URL.

1) If you work with CDNvideo, then the information for filling in the above fields can be found in your personal account at , in “Service Management” – “Player code and encoder configuration”.
·       Backup URL: – optional field. It is worth using if there is enough outgoing Internet bandwidth.
·       Stream: – If you want to broadcast several qualities simultaneously (specified in the Bit Rate section), then the name of the streams is entered via “;”. For example: stream1;stream2;stream3.,

2) If you are not working with us, then in the FMS URL and Backup URL you will need to specify the link to the media server, which you can configure yourself or contact ready-made providers, for example, CDNvideo.

Click “Connect”.
Click “Star”.

Step 4: Publish the flow

  1. Now you should see a window in which you can find the status of the broadcast and the logs.
    2. If this does not happen, make sure that you haven’t made any mistakes in filling the fields and the Firewall does not block the ports required for the encoder (ports: 1935 and 80).
    3. In the “Encoding Options” section, you can enable or disable the sound without interrupting the translation.


Step 5. Check the stream and add the player to the site

1) If you do not work with us, then in order to publish the stream, you’ll first need to purchase the player, post it, then add the player’s html code to the code of the desired page on its website.
2) If you work with CDNvideo, then the task is simplified, since you do not need to buy a player and purchase a server, the task is only to place the player code on your website. To do this, go to the section “Service Management” – “Player code and encoder configuration” in your personal cabinet. Here you can watch your broadcast and copy the player’s code for insertion on the site.


We hope that we managed to convince you that the process of organizing online broadcasting does not take much time and is fairly simple. The solution of CDNvideo for online broadcasts not only simplifies this process to the maximum, but also significantly improves the quality of online broadcasting.

Wish you successful online broadcasts!

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