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Dynamic and Static content

Our solution for any app developers allows you to significantly increase the app experience for users without additional investment in infrastructure.

Our own Chinese developed comprehensive solution for accelerating the dynamic and static content, as well as its protection from unauthorized access and optimization of work.

Thanks to WSA, the site/application remains available even with unoptimized server infrastructure.

High downloading speed, content protection, and performance of all elements of the site/application increase its usability and positively affect the main metrics: traffic, conversion, user loyalty.

Improve the speed of the backend:

Transferring data and services to one company, with multiple locations, can significantly increase the speed, stability, and response time to incidents.

We are ready to provide you with geo-distributed virtual/K8s infrastructure located in Almaty, Prague, Ukraine, USA, Russia, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

Our goal is not just to be a service provider for our clients, but to become their full-fledged partner and assistant in effective development.

Our task is to implement exactly those services that will most accurately help solve the problems of our clients, allowing them to focus on achieving their businessgoals.

Due to this, savings are also achieved: your infrastructure is not idle, all resources are configured only according to current needs and instantly scale both up and

CDN services for type of application

Accelerate your game

Fast downloading of the updates

Accelerate your projects globally!

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Cloud platform characteristics:


  • Servers: up to 64 vCPU, up to 64 GB vRAM, drives up to 2 TB
  • One virtual machine or cluster of servers
  • GPU accelerators (for computing and graphics work)
  • Fast SSD disks


  • Hardware virtualization (KVM hypervisor)
  • Ready-made Linux images (Centos, Debian , Ubuntu) and Windows
  • Ability to use custom OS images
  • API for process automation

Network settings

  • 1 Gbps network adapter
  • Built-in Firewall
  • Virtual router
  • Support for L2 tunnel, BGP, DHCP
  • Internal VLAN and external VLAN for hybrid infrastructure


  • Data center of TIER III reliability category
  • SLA redundancy level – 99.96
  • Personal manager
  • 24x7x365 24/7 technical support

Data monitoring:


Through container platform, lightweight one-key deployment, monitoring tasks can be issued to the national node, the task after the completion of the callback results, to assist customers to complete real and efficient prior service monitoring.


The nodes are widely distributed close to the user, which can simulate the user’s access effect.
Serverless application hosting, reduce the pressure of operation and maintenance management.

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