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CDN for Russia and CIS countries

Find new opportunities in the emerging markets of Russia and CIS employing CDNvideo as the content delivery market leader. Accelerate your website or deliver your content to engage with your target audience!

Content Delivery to Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world with 120 million population and high Internet penetration rates. CDNvideo has been the leader of Russian market for years working with tens of local broadcasters and accelerating 45,000+ websites. Our proven experience, granular network coverage and skilled staff working with local customers for years will ensure that you get your CDN configured for maximum speed across Russia.

Content Delivery to CIS countries

We have unique ISP partnerships established for some CIS countries, which makes us a top 1 content delivery service provider for the region. We have PoPs in many CIS countries and can consider expanding our network even more if you know that your audience will need more bandwidth. Our customers sell goods and deliver content to CIS.

Ask our team about maximizing your presence in Russia and CIS and making the most of it!


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Our valued customers:

Solution benefits

Granular CDN coverage

Market leadership

30 PoPs in the region

Assistance with local legislation

Additional services

Web Acceleration

Store your website copies in our secure content delivery network to increase conversion rates thanks to the faster website loading

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Related Case Studies

Video content delivery and geo-fencing for Ivi online cinema

Starting from 2017 we work with Ivi, one of the largest online cinemas in Russia and CIS. We not only deliver their content to a selection of target countries but also help them save money applying geo-fencing.

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