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CDNvideo Now


Currently CDNvideo is a globally operating company with multiple offices (headquartered in China) and a part of international group of CDN companies delivering large volume of content to five continents. Our team of 75 technical professionals is based in Moscow, Russia. Our specialties are live streaming, VoD, HTTP caching, transcoding and website acceleration. We have developed an unlimited cloud storage and an HTML5 player enabling P2P streaming and 360-degree video demonstration. We serve TV & radio channels, OTTs, ecommerce and gaming companies, and value the trust of notable brands like Viasat and All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company.


CDNvideo History


CDNvideo was founded in 2010 by Yaroslav Gorodetsky (CEO) and Sergei Ivlenkov (CTO) and in the next several years dominated the CDN market in Russia and CIS. The company became the first local CDN provider to enable delivery of video content to mobile devices. CDNvideo created a content delivery network with unbeatable coverage in the region, and in 2017 it was acquired by Wangsu group, a global CDN company offering access to the second largest CDN in the world and a portfolio of value-added services for broadcasters, web store owners, gaming companies and many other industries.


CDNvideo Awards


CDNvideo CEO Yaroslav Gorodetsky was named a finalist for Russia’s E&Y Enterpreneur of the Year 2015.

In 2016 CDNvideo was named one of the top 5 fastest growing companies in the national “Tech Success” rating.

In 2018 CDNvideo’s Moscow team was one of the 15 finalists chosen to take part in PwC’s export accelerator for several Asian markets.

Our team

Yaroslav Gorodetskiy, CEO
Andrey Gusev, COO
Evgeniya Taranenko, HR Director
Angelina Reshina, Head of Marketing

Our history

Company Founded
CDNvideo was founded in 2010 by Yaroslav Gorodetsky (CEO) and Sergei Ivlenkov (CTO) with a group of friends who acted as co-investors.
Load Balancing System Patented
CDNvideo got its load balancing system patented which appeared to be a milestone in the company's history.
CDNvideo Joins Innovation Park
CDNvideo joined Innovation Park and became the first content delivery company in Russia with the official resident status.
Sochi Olympics Broadcast via CDNvideo Network
CDNvideo doubled its network bandwidth to broadcast the Sochi Winter Olympics worldwide.
Virtual Commenter Service Launched
CDNvideo gained more experience with world-famous music events broadcasting Eurovision. The Virtual Commenter Service was launched to enable switching between audio commentaries for the same video stream.
Server-Side Ad Insertion Service Launched
Server-side ad insertion was launched to help CDNvideo customers monetize their audience and provide more personalized experience to their viewers. Air ads were replaced by online ads based on the end user location, interests etc.
Wangsu Science & Technology Acquires 70% Stake in CDNvideo
In late April 2017 CDNvideo became a part of Wangsu Group owning one of the top 3 content delivery networks in the world.
P2P Live Streaming Service Launch Announced at IBC 2018
CDNvideo unveiled its P2P Live Streaming service enabling broadcasters to cut their expenses thanks to streaming high-quality video via P2P network having CDN as a backup.
First place
In 2019, according to a study by the independent consulting agency iKS-Consulting, CDNvideo was recognized as the leader in the CDN industry in Russia with a 38.6% share. This year, the number of our e-commerce customers has increased by many shops from TOP-100 Russian chart. We are always happy to accelerate your business! We have moved again, now we are waiting for you at Solyanka 13 / 3с1. This year, a lot of attention was paid to the development of innovative solutions using artificial intelligence and neural networks. Staff: 75 people.
Let's go online!
Although 2020 turned out to be quite difficult for everyone, CDNvideo continued to work actively. We managed to maintain the leadership in the CDN industry in Russia - according to iKS-Consulting, the first place in the industry remained with us. As in the past, the company remains the first among the largest players in terms of network speed and responsiveness, as shown by the data from Cedexis. Against the backdrop of the restrictive measures that were associated with the coronavirus, we quickly came up with a solution to move events from offline to online. During the year, with our help, more than 70 conferences, concerts and round tables were held online. Our specialists paid attention of improving the functionality of the dashboard, which quickly shows the necessary data, the current tariff, as well as the status of the account. At the bottom of the dashboard, clients will be able to see detailed statistics. Staff: 80 people.


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