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White Label

Willing to launch CDN services fast? Generate more revenue from CDN with us! Enter the CDN space at minimum cost using CDNvideo’s White Label offering. Deploy our patented CDN software on your servers or use our infrastructure. Get PoPs in your desired locations configured & managed by our team in accordance with your needs.


  • Maximize network value, provide scalable and stable network performance
  • Offload uplink, reduce costs and deliver superior QoE to your subscribers
  • Use advanced user behaviour statistics to cross-sell and upsell your services


  • Deliver any volume of video content reliably and with ultimate QoS
  • Get competitive advantage launching unique services of your own
  • Scale up and down as needed while reducing CAPEX


  • Increase audience coverage delivering Live, Catch-up and VoD multiscreen content
  • Handle peak workload with ease balancing your traffic between your in-house CDN and CDNvideo network
  • Engage with your viewers using virtual commenter and monetize your audience with our server-side ad insertion solution


  • Expand IPTV to Hybrid TV with Time-Shift, DVR, Catch-Up optimizing CAPEX
  • Integrate with any middleware and vendor solution
  • Launch new video services minimizing Time-to-Market

What is White Label CDN?

Many of our customers prefer to invest in building their own content delivery network instead of using someone else’s solution. Since the entry-level for such projects is high, we created a special Virtual CDN solution that helps companies new to CDN industry benefit from our technical expertise. Purchasing Virtual CDN, they can enter the CDN space fast using our approach to CDNs that proved to work well for 750+ enterprise-level customers who rely on us as their content delivery operator.


Building a content delivery network can be a well-justified solution for large companies. From our experience, Virtual CDN service is in high demand with the following types of businesses:

  • Telecom operators willing to sell a CDN of their own to their customers;
  • Broadcasters seeking more freedom in covering their target regions with PoPs;
  • Content providers interested in delivery of large files globally on a regular basis;
  • Cable operators striving to shorten time to market for new video services.


We’ll share with you hardware requirements and provide a step-by-step guidance on our standard process for white-label CDN creation. Then we will deploy our patented load balancing software on your servers converting them into a CDN. Our technicians will help you configure your network and test its speed, performance and other critical parameters. After the project is completed, we’ll continue to keep in touch supporting you as a new CDN vendor.

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Solution benefits

SaaS business model – low Capex

7*24 support

Remote server management

Detailed statistics

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