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GDPR Compliance Commitment by CDNvideo

GDPR Compliance Commitment by CDNvideo

GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, effective May 25, 2018 defines the clear procedure for how personal data of EU citizens should be collected, modified, stored and processed. CDNvideo understands the positive impact of the new data protection law and is committed to stay compliant with GDPR for the sake of our customers and partners based in European Union and European Economic Area.

Data Processor Status

In accordance with official GDPR terminology, CDNvideo has the status of a Data Processor. If your company is a Data Controller under the terms of the GDPR, and you need a written consent to process personal data with us, please contact us via legal@cdnvideo.com to get our Data Processing Addendum (DPA) document.

Privacy Policy & Usage Agreement

We have made our Privacy Policy public for your convenience, you can read or download it here. Our amended Usage Agreement is available here. We appreciate any heads-up and improvement requests sent to us. If you have any questions, updates or concerns related to these documents please let us know via legal@cdnvideo.com.

Cookie Usage & Marketing Communications

Our website uses cookies to identify you as our customer and send you relevant offers and content. We want to make sure that it was you who logged into the administration panel to manage your services. To accept cookies, please click ‘Accept’ on the pop-up message below.
We also ask our customers for their explicit consent before sending them any marketing communications. You are free to opt-out any time. Our legal & compliance department will be happy to help you with opt-in/opt-out issues, please contact them via legal@cdnvideo.com.

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