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Tailored Solutions – Custom Development

We at CDNvideo offer custom solutions to modern broadcasters with a need to integrate our services into their existing ecosystems. Learn more about them to add value to your offerings.

Here are just a few examples of project types that we can implement upon customer request.

OTT Solutions that we offer help OTT providers engage with their audiences directly, without third-party aggregators.

Video Editing Tool is a simple service for making video on demand files out of air content recordings.

Ad Insertion offered by CDNvideo is a server-side solution that enables displaying of video ads while bypassing ad blockers.

AI-Based Ad Insertion is an innovative way to find the most optimal time for ad insertion based on the film scene categorization.

Virtual CDN is a solution enabling a customer to deploy our CDN software on their servers to build a new CDN.

Virtual Commenter is intended for end users willing to choose one of several commenters while watching the video.

To tell us more about your project, please contact our Sales Team.


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Solution benefits

Tailored solutions for your business

Skilled team of developers

More than 10 years in CDN-related projects

Responsive project managers

Additional services

Live Streaming

Live Streaming via CDNvideo’s global content delivery network will enable you to stream high-quality video to countries of your choice.

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Video on Demand

Store your online videos in our unlimited cloud storage and make them available to your viewers globally.

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Web Acceleration

Store your website copies in our secure content delivery network to increase conversion rates thanks to the faster website loading.

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