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Cloud Storage for Large Media Files & Other Content

Unlimited secure cloud storage for media content is a necessity when it comes to speedy growth of a broadcasting business. We offer 99.99% SLA and a number of advanced ready-to-use features like playlists or transcoding of your source video into multiple qualities.

CDNvideo’s cloud storage enables our customers to store content of any volume and kind in a secure place. We understand that you need to have your videos and audios available for your viewers and listeners any time and without delay and do our best to please your viewers.

Our cloud storage is in fact a powerful media content platform that makes possible transcoding of video and compression of images. The playlists functionality helps you create a TV channel of your own out of your VOD files that you want to group and be displayed in a certain order.

Contact our team to get the detailed explanation on how to make the most of our storage.

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Our valued customers:

Solution benefits

99.99% SLA

Out-of-the-box transcoding

Playlists for TV channel creation

Smooth integration with CDN

Additional services

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Video on Demand

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