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CDNvideo launches P2P solution

Source: Digital TV Europe

Wangsu Group-owned CDN provider CDNvideo has launched own P2P solution for live streaming at IBC 2018.


Source: ChinaNews

中新网7月4日电 在7月2日刚刚结束的俄罗斯对阵西班牙的1/8决赛中,网宿科技宣布其海外CDN平台世界杯流量峰值创出新高。两天前,网宿国内平台也在一场1/8决赛中创出世界杯流量峰值新高。

rueConf and CDNvideo Introduce Their Video Conferencing Streaming Solution

Source: TrueConf

TrueConf, a leading Eastern Europe video conferencing vendor, and CDNvideo, a top ranking CIS content delivery service provider, have introduced a new collaborative solution that allows TrueConf video conferences to be automatically broadcasted to thousands of users.

Chinese Internet giant invests in CDNvideo - the Russian operator of Internet Content Delivery Networks

Source: RVC

Wangsu Science & Technology Co Ltd (brands — ChinaNetCenter and Quantil) and the resident of the IT cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation CDNvideo announced signing of a purchase agreement, according to which the Chinese Internet giant acquires a controlling stake in the leading CDN-provider in Russia and CIS, the leader in the segment of video content transmission on the Internet. The amount of the transaction was not disclosed.

Russia’s CDNvideo Partners with Wowza to Launch Video Delivery Services

Source: WOWZA

Wowza Media Systems, the media server software company, announced today that it has partnered with CDNvideo, a Moscow, Russia based content delivery services provider (CDN) that has deployed Wowza Media Server 2 platform to immediately offer a complete suite of video streaming services. The Wowza-based services include live streaming, as well as video-on-demand delivery of content such as movie trailers and full length movies to mobile and desktop users.

Welcome Back to 80s: The Internet Is No Longer Global

Source: Medium

Yaroslav Gorodetsky, CDNvdeo CEO: "Having spent three decades on the Internet as a nerdy youngster, a telco manager and then a CDN company founder, I realised that today we are about to lose our global Internet and re-enter the age of national networks that we seemed to leave behind in 80s. What happened to the worldwide web of our youthood and why should we stay vocal to keep its freedom and comfort? Let’s have a look at the Internet evolution together and try to understand what we can do."

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