One-Time Live Streaming via CDN

One-Time Streaming via CDN

Unlike many other CDN operators for live streaming, CDNvideo supports one-time streaming via CDN as a valuable service interesting to many customers. It is especially popular with organizers of events held occasionally and not taking place on a regular basis, like sports matches, fashion shows, music concerts and a wide range of other events from corporate virtual meetings to mass celebrations of religious holidays.

How to Organize One-Time Streaming on Your Website?

You will be able to stream directly from your website or app, whatever your audience is in terms of their location, internet browser or device. Simply publish your stream on our content delivery network, and we’ll do the rest for you. We will also provide our very own ready-made HTML5 video player for the convenience of your viewers. Guided by our team of skilled managers, you’ll easily set up and configure everything needed for fast high-quality one-time streaming via CDNvideo’s network.

How One-Time Streaming Benefits from CDN Usage?

Having connected to our content delivery network, you can rest assured that your audience will watch your video stream in the highest possible quality and without bufferization. CDNvideo’s patented load balancing algorithm will help every viewer get the video via the optimal route.

Stream with CDNvideo to deliver smoother viewer experience to audience of any size on any device!

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Solution benefits

Online broadcasts without extra expenses

Cross Platform HTML5 ready player


Planning a one-hour live streaming session? We'll deliver your content globally and at affordable price. We'll help you with an HTML5 player and explain how to make the most of our services.

Additional services

Protection and monetization for Live and VOD

We have developed a client-side login script that allows you to protect and monetize the content.

Our server reads the script prior to showing content to the end user, displaying or blocking content based on permission settings you choose.

For example, permissions in the script can be set so that the content is tied to a specific domain name (to prevent broadcast and video file theft), or shown only to paid subscribers.

Main benefits of the service:
- The possibility of monetization;
- The ability to protect video content;
- Easy Setup (the script will be able to customize any web-master).

Geo limitation

The service is intended for companies that are limited in geography content display for any reason. The service allows you to configure the display of the content in a particular city, region or country.

Main benefits of the service:
- Capability to limit broadcast to a specific geographic territory in short period of time
- Providing the service instantly

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