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Recommended stream settings

Determining the optimal stream settings to use to deliver video is difficult even if you’ve been
streaming for years.


Here are the settings that we recommend:


– Video codec: H.264

– Frame rate: 25 fps

– Keyframe frequency: 1 second

– Audio codec: AAC

– Audio bitrate: 128 Kbps, stereo

– Audio sample rate: 48000 Hz


Recommended video stream parameters:

Profile Resolution Bitrate
240p Baseline 426×240 512 Kbps
360p Main 640×360 1024 Kbps
480p Main 854×480 1600 Kbps
720p Main 1280×720 2640 Kbps
1080p Main 1920×1080 4400 Kbps
4K High 3840×2160 12000 Kbps


To manually calculate the optimal bitrate, you can use the following formula:

bitrate = (resolution * frames per second * BPP) / 1000

where BPP (Bits per pixel) – average amount of bits applied to each pixel of a video.


BPP typically ranges from 0.05 to 0.150, depending on the amount of motion in the scene. The
more motion there is, the higher the BPP should be.


BPP examples:


– quiet video: BPP = 0.05

– average dynamic video: BPP = 0.08

– sports broadcast: BPP = 0.13

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