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Virtual machines and containers

Cloud solutions are made to help you solve your problems.

Virtual and computing network resources are effective to computerize your business processes, simplify testing procedures and allow you to save money significantly instead of deploying your own infrastructure.

Creation of highly loaded distributed systems is much simplified with the help of virtual machines, when thousands of requests can be quickly processed without quality loss for the end user.

We design, assemble and administer server racks ourselves to ensure infrastructure stability.

The CDNVideo cloud platform is designed on the basis of OpenStack technology using modern and efficient hardware and network solutions from leading equipment manufacturers.

Therefore you get instant access to easily scalable computing resources.

Cloud servers (IaaS):

• Accessibility zones — Moscow, Prague, Almaty, Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen;

• Server nodes based on processors: AMD, ARM64, Intel;

• Creation of a virtual server or a cluster of several virtual servers;

• Virtual machines: for one – up to 32 cores, 96 GB of RAM, up to 4 TB of storage space;

• GPU accelerators – Nvidia Tesla T4, A100, RTX A6000 Fast SSD drives.

Depending on your tasks at a particular moment, you can quickly deploy and scale the necessary resources and instantly launch applications based on Kubernetes and Docker. You can pay only for the resources you use.

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Additional services

Cloud servers based on ARM architecture

We have added new virtual machines based on the ARMv8 architecture to our line of cloud servers. They are already available for free testing until the end of spring!

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Private servers

You can quickly deploy any applications and services on private servers with individual configuration. You will get the maximum calculations speed and data exchange, as well as safe location in data centers meeting complying with the Tier III level.

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S3 cloud storage

CDNvideo offers you fault-tolerant data storage distributed in Russia. Using object storage makes it possible to manage and process data from different business applications in one place.

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