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S3 cloud storage

CDNvideo offers you fault-tolerant data storage distributed in Russia.

Using object storage makes it possible to manage and process data from different business applications in one place.

You can store any type of data in its original form (videos, photos, databases, backups, etc.).

You can instantly scale the size of your storage without loss of performance and pay for storage resources upon consumption, without extra costs for equipment purchase or maintenance.

Object storage is naturally combined with the CDNvideo delivery network, therefore, it ensures fast content delivery to any place worldwide on the first request from the nearest server.

The CDNvideo object storage supports an S3-compatible API, which allows it to be integrated into applications programmed in any language.

Pricing: up to 1.8 rubles, per 1GB / 1 month

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Our valued customers:

Solution benefits

Worldwide access from any device

Instant Resource Scaling

API for process automation

No capital expenditures and reduced IT infrastructure support costs

Individual approach

Free trial period

Additional services

Anti-DDoS protection

We filter all types of DDoS attacks, without blocking IP addresses and providing protection against click fraud and parsing.

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Website Acceleration

In most cases we use websites to promote and sell their goods and services. In today’s demanding world your website needs to work fast to help you sell more and achieve your business goals.

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Cloud servers based on ARM architecture

We have added new virtual machines based on the ARMv8 architecture to our line of cloud servers. They are already available for free testing until the end of spring!

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