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Origin Shielding

Origin shielding is a service that helps to protect the origin server from the increased load generated by a high number of end-user requests to the edge nodes.

After enabling shielding, only the servers closest to your region can pull the content from your server which can help to minimize the load placed on your server.

The use of shielding allows you to reduce response times and improve the quality of service for end-users since the bulk of requests will be processed within the CDN network.

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Additional services

Web Acceleration

Store your website copies in our secure content delivery network to increase conversion rates thanks to the faster website loading

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DDOS protection

Dishonest competitors and delinquents launch DDoS attacks via the Internet. Distributed DoS attacks create problems for the website by causing a denial of service.

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Dynamic content acceleration

The most efficient delivery of non-cacheable dynamic content achieves by utilizing the shortest path of the middle mile. End users are able to get content from a local point of presence thanks to over 2,800+ CDN POPs in over 70 countries and regions.

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Video content delivery and geo-fencing for Ivi online cinema

Starting from 2017 we work with Ivi, one of the largest online cinemas in Russia and CIS. We not only deliver their content to a selection of target countries but also help them save money applying geo-fencing.

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