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CDN for TV Channels & Other Broadcasting Companies

CDNvideo works with 100+ TV Channels and many other broadcasters. We help them grow and retain their audiences delivering their video content to their regions of interest.

Most of our customers from TV industry do live streaming with us on a regular basis. We offer great value for money thanks to a unique combination of our experience and our flexible pricing.

CDN Services for Television

Our content delivery network is intended for fast and secure distribution of video content. Many international TV channels willing to cover foreign countries seek for CDN services to provide their global viewers with the best possible experience.

Value-Added Services for TV Channels

Many TV channels prefer to make their content available as VOD to engage with the viewers via website. CDNvideo’s unlimited cloud storage will enable you not only place all your content on a secure platform but also make your videos available in multiple qualities.

Many of them decide on CDNvideo’s value added services, including Ad Insertion, HTML5 player and P2P live streaming to make the most of our collaboration. Recording, pseudo-streaming, video editing tool are also offered to our customers from TV industry.

Contact our team now to learn more on our offerings for TV broadcasters.

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