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Sales streaming service

Streaming is a proven way to build trust with your audience and increase your sales!

Buyers want to feel the product, and it is possible not only offline, but also online – through a video display.

But a general video product review may not be enough, as the users need additional queries and clarifications that they want to solve instantly.

It is important for the seller to bring the interested visitor to the purchase as soon as possible.

The most effective solution is to implement the selling streaming service.

You do not need to install additional software, the stream is launched by clicking the “Start” button directly in the browser.

A page with an HTML5 player and chat is immediately formed, available to users.

The player can be branded, you can add interactive buttons linking the buyer to product purchase, set up a countdown to the start, make a playlist of other online promotions that are running at the same time or were held earlier.

Streaming for special promotions, sales, promotional products or limited-time discounts can increase the users’ interest and attention.

The experience of foreign platforms (for example, Taobao) has shown that such streams are becoming more and more effective and give a significant sales growth.

Taking into consideration the decrease in offline activities and possible restrictions due to the pandemic threat, it is better to foresee options for improving the visibility of products and increasing interactivity for the users.

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Our valued customers:

Solution benefits

Sales conversion growth

Additional access and consumer attention to the product

Increase the number of goals your may users complete

A convenient tool for holding short-term promotions

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