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Private servers

You can quickly deploy any applications and services on private servers with individual configuration. You will get the maximum calculations speed and data exchange, as well as safe location in data centers meeting complying with the Tier III level.

We offer:

— servers and network equipment rental;

— location services (racks rental, colocation);

— arranging lines and communication channels connection;

— technical support of the hosted equipment.

You can obtain a private server with the required configuration immediately after ordering it from your manager.

All server resources will be available: you can choose any operating system (Windows Server, Linux).

You can also assemble your own private network by combining private and virtual machines. Order a testing period to check the server under pressure and get sure of its performance level.

Our data centers are located in Moscow, Prague, Almaty, Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

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Our valued customers:

Solution benefits

Equipment selection based on your tasks

TIER III stability-level data-centers

Support of L2-tunnel, BGP, DHCP

Tech support 24/7/365

Additional services

Cloud Storage

Unlimited secure cloud storage for media content is a necessity when it comes to speedy growth of a broadcasting business.
We offer 99.99% SLA and a number of advanced ready-to-use features like playlists or transcoding of your source video into multiple qualities.

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Cloud servers based on ARM architecture

We have added new virtual machines based on the ARMv8 architecture to our line of cloud servers. They are already available for free testing until the end of spring!

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HTML5 Video Player

A modern HTML5 video player supporting 360-degree videos and P2P live streaming

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