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Choose the right CDN for your enterprise with our Multi-CDN solution

By using a CDN, businesses can reduce demand on origin servers, protect against any kind of attacks and improve user experience.Our Multi-CDN makes it even better – it provides flexibility, availability, and performance benefits when compared to a single CDN.

Recent cases show that individual PoPs or even entire CDNs may fail. Multi-CDN enables fault tolerance in the event of failure.

Multi-CDNs allow you to use specific providers for specific use cases.This task becomes the main one for businesses, whose users are distributed geographically.

In an increasingly globally-connected and internationally-competitive world, a single CDN can limit an organizations’ reach, and therefore its success. Multi-CDN solution may prove helpful in mitigating the caveats inherent to single CDN solution.

Design your own Multi-CDN solution with our networks:

• Globally Deployed Servers

200 000 +

• Global PoPs

2 800 +

• Covered Countries And Regions

70 +

• Global Network Operators

100 +

• Mitigation Capability

15 Tbps +

• Mitigation Centers

10 +

• Total Storage

600 PB +


Flexibility and resilience

Enhanced user experience

Global performance enhancement

Continuous website uptime

Accelerated website load times

Enhanced security

Multi-CDN solution request

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Europe & CIS

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