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Events – CDN for Event Agencies & Organizers

CDN services for Event Agencies

In today’s connected world event organizers can make more value out of their events, and live streaming is one of the ways to do it. Today’s attendee is not always ready to travel or attend the event in person – many people not to pay extras for travel and accommodation and watch everything online. So you can bring your event directly to your end viewer device using CDNvideo’s CDN service for live streaming.

One-Time Streaming and Regular Streaming for Events

For annual events it is more practical to use one-time streaming service – paying exactly for what has been consumed is more cost-effective. If you need live streaming for an one-hour event, we’ll go for it, unlike many other CDNs preferring to work only with regular streaming. If you need live streaming on a regular basis, we can also organize this for you smoothly and flexibly.

Video on Demand Service for Conferences

To let your ticket buyers watch conference video recordings whenever they want, use CDNvideo’s Video on Demand service. Place your video in our unlimited cloud storage and use our HTML5 Player with advanced branding opportunities to engage with your audience.


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