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CDN for Media and Entertainment

CDN for Mass Media

Mass media portals often face sudden spikes in the number of visitors as they share breaking news. To ensure website availability during the unusually large workload, we strongly recommend all media portals to use CDN. CDNvideo offers access to one of the largest content delivery networks in the world, covering all regions. This means that we can accelerate your portal for your readers wherever they are based.

Video Solutions for Mass Media

Video is vital for a modern media portal to gain popularity. Internet users tend to spend more and more time watching videos, so having videos on the website can improve your SEO ranking (as viewers spend more time on the website which proves it to be high-quality). CDNvideo’s VoD service helps people revisit best moments of sports competitions, football matches etc.

Live Streaming on your Media Portal

We at CDNvideo have 8+ years of experience with live streaming and can guide you through this process, if you don’t know where to start. We have worked with both one-time and regular live streaming options, and can go with whatever you want.

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