OTT providers – CDN for Over the Top Providers

OTT industry is booming, many, if not all the major companies from broadcasting world strive to launch OTTs these days. Since in many cases OTTs offer paid-for services, end viewer experience should be smooth and uninterrupted by interference, delays or surges.


We at CDNvideo offer access to a stable content delivery network with 86,000+ servers located on five continents and a bandwidth of 42 Tbps. Our customers can stream to anywhere on the globe, to any number of people and gain zero bufferization regardless of the type of device their end viewers use.


CDN is a way to save on your own infrastructure while using a modern content delivery network enabling pulling of content from the closest node of the network via the most optimal route. CDNvideo has a patented load balancing technology that proved to work well for 600+ customers.


If you belong to Broadcast/OTT industry, please contact us to get detailed info on our services.


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If you belong to this industry, please contact us:

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