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Image Enhancement

There is an additional way to empower your website by reducing the size of images and downloadable content in general, adapting to different devices and lazy-loading.

You can set up image conversion on the fly – that is, directly at the time the page is loaded.

These services influence not only the loading speed, but also help to reduce the amount of output traffic.

Resize on the fly

On-the-fly resizing dynamically generates previews of large images on the site.

It helps to solve 3 tasks in one time:

• saving server space,

• reduce traffic consumption,

• speed up the site loading



An alternative to JPG and PNG with an advanced algorithm for reducing file size without reducing quality.

The weight of images is reduced by 25% -35% on average. The format supports translucency and is available for compression. The problems with this format are the lack of support on the side of some browsers, CMS and the difficulty in opening files with this extension. The solution to the problem is the automatic conversion of site images upon receipt of a positive response from the user’s browser.

Progressive JPEG

It’s an image format with a progressive loading type, where image quality increases gradually as the page loads. Therefore, the visitor can see more content in a unit of time – this creates a feeling of fast site operation and improves user experience.

In addition to image optimization, content compression can help to increase website loading speed and reduce traffic consumption. We can offer you two ways to choose from:


GZIP compression reduces the size of pages before they are sent to the site visitor’s browser. This is not really about the image, but about content optimization in general. Compression and decompression takes place at high speed (just a fraction of a second) and works automatically after checking the appropriate permission on the user’s browser side. You can set up the transfer to Gzip format yourself using your personal account.


It’s a modern content compression method which is an alternative to Gzip, but with improved efficiency. Tests show an additional reduction in page weight of up to 30% compared to Gzip. Enabling Brotli in your personal CDNvideo account happens automatically if the appropriate settings are selected.

These are not new formats, but they do not work everywhere, since not all browsers support them. Therefore, using these solutions could lead to the fact that some users may lose access to their images. A suitable solution to this problem is to check the appropriate permissions automatically from the browser requesting the content . If the format is supported, the images are instantly converted, and the content is optimized; if there is no support, the images are loaded in their original form.

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Our valued customers:

Solution benefits

Increasing sales conversion

Improve positions in search results (search engines prefer fast sites)

Increase the number of tasks your users can complete

Reduce selling time

Reduce communication channels load pressure

Free HTTPS traffic

Additional services

Website Acceleration

In most cases we use websites to promote and sell their goods and services. In today’s demanding world your website needs to work fast to help you sell more and achieve your business goals.

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