Ad Injection

Customer: The TOP-3 National Broadcaster


  • Increase advertising revenue
  • Replace air commercials with regional targeted ad blocks

Description of the solution

Ad Injection solution developed by CDNvideo enables to manage and monetize the ad blocks on the fly within the Live Stream. Ad Injection enables to detect the beginning and the end of the advertising blocks and the duration of the block and replace it with the corresponding targeted commercials with precise accuracy.

There are two developed implementations of the Ad Injection solution depending on the client’s technical infrastructure. The decision was made to implement both solutions switching between each other in dependence of user browser setting (with Ad Block extension or without).

The National Broadcaster sells its inventory of advertising space through the large national Digital Sales House which provided ads for replacement according to the geo-targeting, users’ video consumption and adapted for multiscreen delivery.


The Ad Injection solution demonstrated high impact on the advertising revenue growth and resulted in +40% increase. The solution allowed to insert advertising content relevant to the regional business, to refresh and rotate ad campaigns, to increase ads matched with the program content. All of the mentioned advantages led to the significant growth of advertising metrics. CDNvideo provides all the advertising viewing statistics to estimate the efficiency of the ad campaigns.

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