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Design and launch CDN as a new profit center

Customer: ISP


  • resell CDN services

Description of the solution

Virtual CDN is designed and developed to meet two aims – to build custom in-house CDN driving fast multiscreen content delivery and to resell CDN services to B2B clients launching it as a new business. vCDN was deployed with consideration of existing ISP infrastructure saving CAPEX and taking into account all aspects of future service as network capacity, audience coverage, legal details of new geomarkets, bandwidth costs, etc. We developed the ISP network solution involving our patented Load Balancing technology for intelligent routing to ensure scalable, stable and reliable delivery without any buffering, delays or packet loss.

Caring about our clients’ business profitability we helped ISP to work out the optimal solution in terms of spending involving local Telecom Operator to host infrastructure reducing bandwidth costs. The design of vCDN allows to optimize CAPEX and OPEX sharing traffic between in-house and outsourced CDNs. CDNvideo professionals maintain content-delivery network on 24x7x365 saving costs on expensive teams of developers, engineers, product managers.

We allowed the ISP to provide its B2B clients with full range of CDN solutions for streaming video content, accelerate web sites and mobile applications. We help to deliver all streaming formats as nDVR, Catch-Up, TimeShift, ABR and provide full support of video transcoding, encoding and repackaging, secure authorization, DRM. We ensure high improvement of web loading time accelerating static and dynamic content, speed up of mobile app loading. We provide ISP with more value-added services to offer its client to increase user engagement and improve monetization, such as Virtual Communicator and Ad Injection.

B2B clients get access to the profiles through the handy web interface to choose services and set up service setting, and to monitor the user behavior statistics. CDNvideo developed sophisticated Web GUI to provide the clients with detailed statistics on video consumption. It allows to get insights on user’s preferences, to provide proper user segmentation and effective manage the content libraries and optimize the costs of video content.

Internet Service Provider launched CDN as a new profit center in 2 months. During first 6 months, the revenue share of CDN and services amounted 23% of its core business with strong growth potential.

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