Virtual CDN

Customer: Content Provider


  • build content-delivery network
  • launch OTT at minimum Time-To-Market
  • provide competitive prices for a new service

Description of the solution

A newly established Content Provider launches OTT service. The goal was to build content-delivery network and launch OTT at minimum Time-To-Market, cost-effective and provide competitive prices for a new service.

Virtual CDN allows to quickly design and implement in-house content-delivery network to insure stable and reliable video delivery based on specific custom circumstances such as lifetime of the OTT service, existing and planning audience coverage, network architecture and capacity, CAPEX/OPEX balance, etc. The solution also enables to provide the users with superior quality of video experience at reduced CAPEX sharing traffic between in-house and outsourced CDNs. As far as the significant part of the local users speak not only local language but also one of the wide-spread languages the decision was made to partner with the foreign famous OTT player and to deliver the content inside the region. The CDNvideo professional team helped to work out the best pricing solution involving local Telecom Operator to host infrastructure reducing bandwidth costs.

vCDN was quickly deployed on the client’s infrastructure. One of the key vCDN benefits is patented Load Balancing technology for intelligent routing taking into account the detailed range of parameters including connectivity and load checking, Q-metrics, customers’ configurations metrics and providing fast and efficient edge selection and excellent quality of multiscreen content delivery. The provided services include all streaming formats as nDVR, Catch-Up, TimeShift TV, ABR. ISP can resell all the services providing full support of video transcoding, encoding and repackaging, secure authorization, DRM. We also enabled CP to offer itsB2B clients more value-added services as Virtual Communicator and Ad Injection to increase user engagement and improve monetization. CDNvideo developed sophisticated tool to provide the clients with detailed statistics on video consumption. It allows to get insights on user’s preferences, to provide proper user segmentation and effective manage the content libraries and optimize the costs of video content.

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