Virtual Commentator

Customer: National Broadcaster


  • expand online audience
  • increase engagement metrics
  • achieve new advertising revenue level

Description of the solution

Virtual Commentator (VC) solution developed by CDNvideo provides the content owners the convenient and handy solution to insure the best perception and engagement of Live Stream event for the end users. It allows to involve several (up to 30) commentators to create different audio streams synchronized with the one video stream in real-time.

The solution creates a new engagement channel and brings a wide range of choice for content owners from providing the multi-language translation of the event to giving the choice of favorite commentator that is very important for the viewers of sport, music and other entertaining events.

VC had significant impact on the awareness and audience growth due to the large communities of fans the commentators maintain in all the major social networks. During the event, the huge fan communities joined the Live Stream and involved other social network users. The VC solution allowed to aggregate major part of football fans and supporters providing the highly engaging option to satisfy their own preferences.

The VC solution demonstrated great influence on video and audience metrics. The number of views nearly tripled in comparison with previous events. The video time spent and average time on video raised up to 45% and 42% correspondingly. The social sharing grew significantly driving the audience increase thanks to involved influencers. The advertising metrics improved greatly particularly ad time spent and CTR. The initial targets were met and even exceeded on several metrics so the decision was made to provide VC solution for all sport events on permanent basis.

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