CDN Network

We have covered a lot of ground and are still growing!


Servers around the world


Points of presence



Tbps bandwidth


One of the World’s Largest CDN Networks

CDNvideo provides access to a wide CDN network with global coverage and bandwidth of 40 Tb per second. More than 86K nodes of this wide network are located on five continents. CDNvideo and its partners enable instant content delivery for all countries of the world.

The Wangsu Group

We belong to the Wangsu family of companies (Wangsu Science & Technology Co acquired a 70% stake in CDNvideo in Q2 2017), and work closely with ChinaNetCenter, Quantil and CDNetworks joining our forces to expand our unified CDN network to the most distant parts of the globe.

Ubiquitous CDN: Locations

Now we serve companies based in the US, European Union, Middle East and Asia. The nodes of the CDN are based in the following regions:

  • Africa (MENA);
  • North America;
  • Asia;
  • Australia and Oceania;
  • Europe;
  • Russia and CIS.

Our customers use our CDN services for multiple locations, if they need content delivery outside their domestic region.

CDN Expansion to New Places

Though our CDN covers nearly every popular location, we understand that some customers may need a node in a particular place, where we are just planning to be. We are open to negotiations and can add a new CDN node in a new location specifically for you at additional cost.