Empower your projects with the Russian distributed cloud solution

Cloud infrastructure when it is combined with a content delivery network (CDN) allows you to multiply the efficiency of your web projects.

Our consultants have profound expertise and will help you plan a seamless migration of your resources to our geographically distributed cloud.

You can reduce the risks of your resources’ unavailability or low RTT of your user requests getting access to the content delivery services and cloud infrastructure from a single operator.

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CDNvideo — is the Russian cloud solutions provider, incorporated in the international holding (with headquarters located in China).

Our Cloud Migration Consultant will present you the capabilities of the infrastructure and help you create a step-by-step plan for implementing cloud solutions without the risk of data loss or resources and applications failures.

Virtual machines and containers


ARM cloud servers


S3-compatible storage


Private servers


What tasks can be solved with cloud solutions:


  • development acceleration,
  • significant savings on equipment,
  • an opportunity to increase the number of active developers significantly,
  • infrastructural decentralization aiming at reducing single node failure risks,
  • storing and retrieving any amount of data at any time from anywhere,
  • big data analytics,
  • projects based on artificial intelligence (AI),
  • projects related to machine learning (ML) and high performance computing (HPC),
  • launch applications optimized for the cloud,
  • backup and restore critical data.
Who needs cloud solutions:


  • game developers,
  • educational projects,
  • online shopping,
  • government portals,
  • commercial projects with private accounts,
  • video processing,
  • edge calculations, etc.

Product benefits

Large free capacities
Advanced network settings
High fault tolerance
API-interface for process automation
Geographically distributed infrastucture
Instant scaling of resources
No capital costs needed
Fitting equipment for your tasks
Data-centers of TIER III reliability category
Support of L2-tunnel, BGP, DHCP
Worldwide access
Combining with CDN
Tech support 24/7/365
Individual approach
SLA 99,98%
Free trial period

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