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Anti-DDoS protection

We filter all types of DDoS attacks, without blocking IP addresses and providing protection against click fraud and parsing. What is a DDoS attack and how to protect a website from it?

An attack on a website, game, or web application that is carried out simultaneously from a large number of internet-connected devices, united into botnets, which are called a DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of Service) The aim of the attack is to limit the availability of an Internet service or to bring it to failure.

The following attack techniques are distinguished:

Network layer DDoS attacks – restrict the functioning of server equipment as well as disrupt the operation of software due to vulnerability of protocols.

Application layer DDoS attacks – target the “weak points” of the website and specific vulnerabilities, are characterized by minimal consumption of resources, dominate in frequency of occurrence, and require a complex as well as expensive “antidote”.

How Active Bot Protection works:

  • We let all incoming traffic of the website pass through a distributed network of VARITI filtering nodes.
  • We analyze traffic in real time with regard to multiple characteristics.
  • By means of mathematical algorithms of our own development we filter automated traffic from queries of real users.
  • All requests are classified as either legitimate or illegitimate (real user or bot).
  • We divide traffic from a single IP address (mobile or wireless Internet, provider with NAT, public Wi-Fi).
  • Suspicious visitors are checked unnoticed; an expanded inspection is carried out based on the analysis of behavioral factors.
  • Upon detection of a DDoS attack or an automated scanning threat, Active Bot Protection immediately blocks malicious traffic (response time less than 50 ms).
  • Well-meaning users continue to enjoy the website’s functionality and services.
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Our valued customers:

Solution benefits

Encrypted traffic protection

Uninterrupted business processes

Protection against all types of DDoS attacks

Quick and easy connection process without manual configuration

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