CDN for gaming

CDN services for all game types. Acceleration of game and update downloads, resistance to traffic peaks and surges, no lags in gameplay.

Game acceleration

Game CDN by CDNvideo is a turnkey solution that enables gaming companies to use pre-configured servers with the capacity that meets their needs (we have 86,000+ servers at our disposal). Game CDN helps our customers grow their business by handling spikes in their number of visitors, other workload changes or surges.

Game CDN is intended for faster game and update downloads - instead of pulling the entire pack from your origin server, the user gets it from the closest node of our CDN network. Game CDN is also a solution for the gaming companies launching multiplayer games with lots of active users.

We distribute game content across 40 countries of the world and provide smooth experience to thousands of gamers.

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Our advantages

Save time and costs on infrastructure design and deployment and concentrate on game development and launching.

Fast game downloads for any platform

The size of game content is constantly increasing causing delays and interruptions while downloading.

Speed up installation and download time making your game available to play as soon as the user klicks on download button. It doesn’t matter now what size of the game files are.

GameCDN makes it happen delivering content across large distribution servers network with patented load balancing technology choosing the fastest and most reliable route. We accelerate game installs and DLC downloads no matter how heavy the game files are, how much users are installing at the moment or where are their locations.

Fast delivery of game content

The main goal for game developers and publishers is to keep the users happy and help them to play games as long as possible. It is vital to provide users with excellent user experience of fast downloading and installing together with quick game response and no buffering or lags.

We provide clients with HTTP / HTTPS caching (billing at standard tariffs), CSS and JavaScript, Gzip compressing of client’s HTML, and configuring our CDN network to offload your server.

Free for new games and dev start-ups

Grab your chance to use GameCDN FOR FREE launching your brand-new game and concentrate all your efforts on creating a potential bestseller.

For projects with outgoing traffic not exceeding 500GB / month we provide a special offer for the most comfortable start and rapid development.

Why game developers prefer CDNvideo

High speed of games download
1 Tbps of bandwidth for fast and smooth downloading of large updates and launching heavy games
SLA 99,99%
24/7/365 technical support with VIP status for each client
User-friendly GUI of personal account with detailed statistics
Distribution and Storage of any static content for your games
Secure and reliable DDoS attacks protection
Game download protection with blocking of unauthorized connections and access control

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