HTML5 Player by CDNvideo

Smooth viewer experience, advanced features and monetization opportunities!

To make videos available on your website, you can use our reliable feature-rich HTML5 Player.

CDNvideo Player is a highly customizable modern solution able to help you please and retain your viewers. It supports 360-degree videos and P2P live streaming, and our developers are constantly working on making it even better.

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Solution benefits

Branding — make our player 100% yours!
Engage with your viewers adding corporate style elements or just your logo. We offer customization of our standard player skin.

Monetization— monetize your content as our player supports demonstration of commercials (pre-rolls, mid-rolls and post-rolls are all available).

Analytics — use data-driven approach to your content leveraging our advanced video analytics. See what your viewers tend to like most and focus on what’s interesting to them!

Functionality — play 360-degree video, watch several video threads in one player and switch easily between qualities. Discover 12 more options described here.

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