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Video analytics is what modern broadcasters need and seek most to apply data-driven approach to their content. We help them get detailed data on what their users prefer creating more opportunities for audience retention and monetization.

Detailed Statistics

For live streaming we offer tracking the number of connections, spikes in the number of viewers by day and hour. You will also be able to see the percentage of viewers who consumed a certain part of your video (we have intervals from ‘more than 1 minute’ to ‘more than 1 hour). You will also be able to see the number of viewers on each of your streams and get info on where your audience is located.

HTML5 Player Statistics

Users of HTML5 Player developed by CDNvideo have access to more metrics based on the player events. Get info on how your audience interacts with your ads to make the most of your collaboration with advertisers and get access to aggregated session data. We are constantly adding new options to CDNvideo player statistics, please contact our team for more info.

Police recording

Many broadcasters face a legal requirement saying that the police should have access to their air content upon request. CDNvideo has experience with complicated compliance-related projects and can do police recording for your company as well.

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Solution benefits

Advanced statistics

Integration with Google Analytics

Detailed metrics for CDNvideo player users

Compliance with local legislation

Additional services

CDNvideo Player

A modern feature-rich HTML5 player with 360-degree video functionality, P2P module and advanced statistics

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Related Case Studies

Police recording for Viasat

Viasat, satellite broadband and Pay TV provider needed to control their program and advertising content providing regular and ad-hoc reports about displayed content during any particular period of time. We created for them solution that made this possible and helped them to stay compliant.

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