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Virtual speaker

It’s a text-to-video technology using artificial intelligence, which replaces the work of a whole team (crew, announcers) and does not require equipping a studio and keeping an expensive fleet of equipment.

It can be implemented in TV channels, in training courses, in support services, telemedicine services and other projects where text dictation is needed.

It takes several minutes to process the text and translate it into a video clip.

The technology allows you to generate a lot of video content in a short time and without additional production costs.

The virtual speaker works 24/7 ready to go on the air instantly and can become an expert in any subject.

In order to develop your own speaker profile, you need to shoot an actor or any prototype of a future virtual employee, train a neural network for video generation and speech generation – this takes up to 4 months in average.

But you can rent ready-made images for your projects.

Virtual Announcer is best suited for:

• broadcasting the operational agenda;

• conducting regular releases (for example: weather forecasts);

• creating advertising content (commercials) or running a “shop on the couch”;

• corporate TV;

• online education;

• next level support service.

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Solution benefits

Cost reduction: no need for a studio, shooting, speaker

Instant generation of high quality video content

24/7 operation, instant airing

Lack of “human factor”: mistakes, emotional reactions, sabotage

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