Website Acceleration

Deliver an optimal user experience regardless of device type, location or network. Grow your online business, increase your conversion rate and get better SEO results.

CDN for Website Acceleration

In most cases we use websites to promote and sell their goods and services. In today’s demanding world your website needs to work fast to help you sell more and achieve your business goals. If your website is hosted in Amsterdam, it will be slow in Tokyo, as your Tokyo-based users will need to wait until your content is pulled from a server in Amsterdam. Without a CDN solution, you cannot operate globally and be sure that all your website visitors are served equally well and can make their orders without delays.

How to accelerate your website or online store using a CDN?

Content delivery network (CDN) enables speedy loading of your website from anywhere on the globe. Acceleration is possible thanks to our patented load balancing algorithm helping each visitor get your website content from the nearest server via the optimal route. Each server on our network will contain a backup copy of your website, helping you convert your visitors into buyers regardless of where they are based. To connect your website to CDNvideo network, you will need to follow simple guidelines. For most popular CMSs it won’t take more than 10 or 15 minutes.

How can faster website improve SEO ranking?

Google does take website speed into account. If your website displays almost immediately, search engines will consider it user-friendly and will assign it a higher rank. On the contrary, slow websites will get low ranks and have less chances for high search engine traffic. High SEO rank can help you spend less on contextual advertising, so purchasing our CDN at a very affordable price, you get a solution with great value for money.

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Increase conversion rate
Increase SEO results
Decrease the server load and reduce response time for your site
Reduced time downloading content
Reducing the load on communication channels
Free HTTPS-traffic

The service is intended for

Internet shops

Heavily Resources

Corporate portals

Tour Operators

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