Updates in Dashboard Statistics Management

Updates in Dashboard Statistics Management

We are excited to announce that we’ve taken our statistics tools one more step further and added sections you can find a lot of useful information about your viewers.

Now we tell you about the new service of “Online Broadcasting”.

Section “Connections”.

In this section, you can find out how many viewers connect to your streams. The data is shown in summary for all streams and for each separately. You can select the desired streams and period. Thus, it is possible to monitor the dynamics of viewers, depending on what is shown on the air. You have great opportunities for planning and monitoring your live streaming.


Section “Peaks”.

A tool for understanding your audience. On the chart, you will monitor the peak values of viewers by the hour or by day. Very simple and intuitive.


Tool “Duration of viewing”.

This is a new section that shows the total value of viewing each stream (or all your streams) in seconds. It’s also very interesting to monitor the average time of viewing your streams.



The “View distribution” tool.

And here you can monitor the distribution of your viewers by the duration of the viewing. We took this distribution:

Less than a minute

1-2 minutes

2-5 minutes

5-20 minutes

20-60 minutes

Over 1 hour

In you need more options, just tell us.


The tool “Streams online”.

In this section, you can monitor your active streams with the number of viewers connected to them.


The tool “Geography online”.

Now it makes you easy to monitor the geography and the current location of your viewers. Ther

We hope you find it useful. If you have any feedback or ideas for futures, please let us know. We will keep you informed about further updates and installments.



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