Integrated Solution

Solutions for telecom operators and companies that are looking for solutions in the field of Content Delivery Networks (Content Delivery Network), as well as for OTT operators and TV companies who are looking for ready-made solutions for mobile applications and applications SMART TV:

  • Become part of a global CDN-networks to increase the quality of service for its customers.
  • Save on the main channel.
  • Build your local CDN-network to attract more customers.
  • Buy and build ready-made content delivery technology in its region.
  • Create an app for all mobile platforms or SMART TV.

Create an app for all mobile platforms or SMART TV.

Licensed CDN

Solution Licensed CDN allows you to quickly deploy a complete own CDN-based network service operator to meet the challenges for the delivery of video content (such as live-broadcasts, as well as Video-on-Demand) operator customers.

The operator receives:

  • QoS growth (every user receives content from the most efficient server for it);
  • savings (operator saves on payment channel: content is cached on distributing servers without having to download it each time you request).

The service is intended for:

  • Telecom operators
  • TV channels
  • Content producers

Quick way to the App Store and Google Play!

Stop thinking that creating applications for tablets and mobile devices - an expensive and difficult undertaking. We also provide you with a mobile app in which you can easily insert information about the company, news, photo gallery, videos, and a live broadcast of his television channel or radio station.

The operator receives:

  • It does not require technical expertise;
  • rapid creation of applications (one hour);
  • the application is ready to upload directly to the App Store and Google Play;
  • insert the required application content (news, photos, videos, audio and video streams).

Complete applications in Smart TV

Appendix APP ON TV allows you one month to appear on the new TVs Samsung and LG, and work with the viewers on their own, bypassing the operators of cable and terrestrial TV.

As viewers will see the channel?

Viewers download and install your app in just a few clicks. This is convenient for users, because they will be able to watch your channel on the air, and view the program schedule to schedule the desired program.

What you get:

  • Convenient features for viewers (live, pause, program schedule).
  • Your logo and user-friendly design.
  • Online analyst (who, where and when looking transfer on your channel. In real time.)

Virtual CDN

Virtual CDN - solution for operators who need to OTT-CDN projects and / or willing to provide the CDN-services on its network. It is a take-away segment of the CDNvideo within the operator's network structure, and the question of statistics collection and technical operation are located in the zone of responsibility CDNvideo.

The operator receives:

  • the ability to resell CDN services;
  • reducing the load on the main channels;
  • an increase in traffic volume in the direction of users;

The service is intended for:

  • Telecom operators