Video on Demand

Video on Demand service powered by CDNvideo’s CDN will help you retain your viewers thanks to smooth experience and zero bufferization. We offer a complete solution for VoD, Storage, CDN and Playlists.

CDNvideo Services for Video on Demand

Video on demand has been a persistent trend in today’s connected highly personalized world. A modern viewer wants to get video delivered directly to their mobile in no time. A company offering VoD has more opportunities to engage with their audience, and CDNvideo can become your trusted partner for global VoD delivery.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose CDNvideo for VoD

  • Cloud Storage. Get access to our unlimited cloud storage for VoD files.
  • Transcoding. Transcode your source files into multiple qualities automatically with ease.
  • TV Channel. Create your TV channel using ‘Playlists’ option.
  • Video player. Use our built-in video player to launch your VoD service fast.
  • CDN integration. Make your VoD files available to your viewers directly from storage smoothly integrated with our CDN.

Contact CDNvideo team now to try our VoD service free of charge for 14 days!

The benefits of connectivity

Fast set-up of VOD service
No additional Capex
No buffering
Faster content download for your users
Decreased server load reduces your website response time
Sustainable resource for spikes attendance
Video content is available for regional users
Improving resource failover
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